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FWD is awesome, it connected me with my co-founder, and it also connected a whole bunch of people that I know to potential sales deals and partners, you name it. The networking is incredible, plus, I was able to speak about something I'm really passionate about ‘women in tech’. They really have their finger on the pulse of things. I found myself meeting people there that I don't meet at other places, unusual thinkers and people at the top that are disruptive, and exciting. I really highly support it!

Genevieve Thiers, Founder, New Founders | Sitter City | Chime

When it comes to women and diversity there are a lot of folks who talk a good game, FWD made something special happen. In one day they connected investment capital with opportunity, and empowered entrepreneurs across the country to take control of their future and the success of their businesses. It is certain to be a can’t miss event in the future.

Manuel Amezcua, President, Mass Mutual Great Lakes

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